In-home pet care and dog-walking/visiting service offered by mature and responsible lady in the Faversham area. As a dedicated animal lover with a life-time experience of caring for dogs, cats and other domestic pets, I can offer a secure, reliable and professional service with plenty of 'T.L.C', personalised to individual needs.

Holidays, long working hours, illness or hospital stays are all possible reasons for being unable to give your pets the extra special attention they need.

Pet Sitting

I can visit your home once or twice a day to feed, water and give lots of love and all necessary care and attention to your pets. Cats can be stressed by stays in even the best catteries and are much happier being cared for in their own home. Just imagine setting off on holiday without having to make that dreaded trip to the Cattery! Insulin injections and other medications, etc, are no problem. During the visit, I can check your property to ensure that it is secure, pick up post, turn lights on, draw curtains and water plants.

Dog Walking/Day Visits

Dog walking can be either a walk of 30 minutes, or a longer walk of 60 minutes round local fields and orchards. Alternatively your dog might just need a visit and to be let out for a run on your property. This service can be a great boon if you are at work all day or have other commitments. Day visits are usually only suitable for dogs who will have some sort of other care overnight.

Special Requirements and Emergency Bookings

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a service that will suit both you and your pets. Whilst I appreciate as much advance notice for bookings as possible, I will always do my best to accommodate emergency bookings, particularly in the case of sudden illness, hospitalisation, etc. Life can be very unpredictable and when the unexpected happens, my aim is to ensure that at least you will not have to worry about your animals.

If you wish to make a provisional booking, please click here. Before confirming any booking, I will visit your home for a free consultation with you, to meet your pets and to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pets will be left in safe and caring hands.

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